The Complete Poetic Works and Online Writings by Blake4d


Fans and readers might want to take a look at these alternate Hubs first for my 2012 perspectives. In particular these hubs :

2013 : The Post Millennial Tension or the Tzolkin / Tun / Mayan Calendar for Ascended Masters and Dummies

2012 : End of the World Party plan or How will you prepare for the Mayan prophecy?

2012 Youth : New Psychedelic Renaissance Apocalypse Culture and Technopaganism

Project Mayhem 2012 : Anonymous Global Cyberwar with the American Government

Monarch 2012 : The New Phoenix Program Mind Control and Psychotronic Weapons

7 Chakra Meditations : Thoughts About the Alchemical Galactic Awakening in 2012

Eden Sky : 2012 According to the Living Prophecy of 13 Moon Natural Time as Art

Vampire Kids Kith and Kindred 2012 : A 21st Century Cult of the Living and the Dead

Twenty-Four Signs that You are an Original Annunaki Descendent on Earth

America 2012 : Some Thoughts About the USA

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