The Complete Poetic Works and Online Writings by Blake4d

My second sight

Half my realities wasted by time
I take new direction 
But I won't change the street signs
Half of the world 
They ain't down with my kind
Deep dark brutality 
To trace through the bloodlines
Can you feel the prisms 
Of a vision in flight
Two by two like the animals 
Come sing in the night
Entropy outcomes my second sight
I give up today what tomorrow will rise
And I'm moving the mountains away
I'm moving away...

They tell me it's prophecy, Then tell me it's lies
Keep talking in words that we never defined
All these dualities awaken my mind
To change my intentions at the scene of the crime
Can you feel the schisms from a vision in light
Two by two beside the candles we become
Awakened from inside
Hand in hand outcomes my second sight
I give love today so tomorrow I'll rise
As I'm moving the mountains away
You're moving away...

But the Big-Eye's above me
Filling in all the stars
That are wide as the skies
Like a river inside me
And it's running down dry
With the height of the tides
Little brother, he's watching
Through the cracked open window
Was that his only crime?
It's moving higher above me
And I don't think I'll sleep well tonight
Little brother he's falling
Like St. Lucifer
Down from the sky with his hive
As this moving, this hierarchy above me
And I know I won't dream
If I sleep well tonight and I hope
We won't reach up too high...

This was a simple yet very personal moment in my life. Something that was put to music in a few minutes, but the words were already set with a melody from the first time I wrote them down. 

One for the memoirs. 

A last time for everything

There is a first time 
When we hesitate
And the first time 

Can affect our future
In so many ways
No matter how hard we try
Nothings ever quite the same
There's a next time

When we try to forgive
And the next time we promised
Not to let it end
The years may pass us by like this
Still nothing may ever change
But for you and I
It is the last time to sing
Because this time 

We must say goodbye
I think
No matter how hard we try
There is a last time for everything

This piece was actually written many years ago.  About 1997.

It was not about anyone in particular, but through the years has gained meaning for myself. It is also probably one of the more popular pieces I have ever written. 

The meaning of life


The stone found it
Lying by the riverside
Could not identify it
So stone took it to the tree
The tree knew not what it was
But said the mole might know
So stone took it to the mole
Who examined it from his hole
And said in whole
He did not know
So stone went from the molehill
To the mountain and climbed
To the top and then stopped
Then asked the mountain
The mountain thought for a time
Then said it was simple enough
Which was the one thing
That none alone
But the mountains themselves
Could identify
Down by the riverside
Stone had found
The meaning of life

My first actual poem published on Hub Pages on 03/14/2010. This one also was an award winner in several national competitions, not to be named here. Thanks to all my readers from those first online days.