The Complete Poetic Works and Online Writings by Blake4d

A last time for everything

There is a first time 
When we hesitate
And the first time 

Can affect our future
In so many ways
No matter how hard we try
Nothings ever quite the same
There's a next time

When we try to forgive
And the next time we promised
Not to let it end
The years may pass us by like this
Still nothing may ever change
But for you and I
It is the last time to sing
Because this time 

We must say goodbye
I think
No matter how hard we try
There is a last time for everything

This piece was actually written many years ago.  About 1997.

It was not about anyone in particular, but through the years has gained meaning for myself. It is also probably one of the more popular pieces I have ever written. 

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